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If you haven’t realized your financial goals yet, or if you know what your financial goals are but need a step by step blueprint, or if you have been trying that law of attraction thing and are wondering where the hell your money is…your in the right place. You aren’t a failure because you haven’t found fame yet. 

The Money Goddess     

                      Kimse LaMeel


Program Your Mind For Wealth

Success is no accident. You have to do it on purpose.  It has been long said that our minds are built for success, but programmed for failure.

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Creating Multi Streams of Passive Income

Tap into a one of a kind Income Empowerment System that teaches you to create & scale 9 different streams of income into 6 figure income streams each.

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Creating Credit Empowerment

Everyone Can have and deserves an 800 Credit Score.  Unlock a step by step system to get you to an 800 credit score with up to 17K in personal lines of credit in 8 months or less.

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Creating Financial Wealth

Money carries with it many emotions & beliefs for us, & often those emotions & beliefs get in the way of us making the money we desire.  I know for a fact that everyone can create wealth and here is how.

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Money Manifesting LaMeel

Manifest 1K in 10 Days