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I am Kimse LaMeel, the Manifesting Bitch.

I teach everyday day people how to manifest their financial goals using both the law of attraction and very simple wealth building techniques that the current wealth use.  I teach these principles and techniques via the Money Manifesting University.

Within the Money Manifesting University, you will find 4 education options

Money Manifesting

Credit Empowerment

Income Empowerment

Generational Wealth Empowerment

As you can see I have a place for everyone.  All of the course with me come with unlimited email support so you are never alone.  We also have facebook groups and text support available after hours to support you on your journey.

You also have the option of joining my Money Manifesting Coaching Group where members learn amazing things like how to manifest 1K out of thin air in 10 days! Click Here For Details  

Below you will find my bio, and other ways to connect with me, however

Kimse is a Money Coach that teaches people how to Manifest Cash into their lives, using the 1K in days 

method and the 0% effort that produces 100% of your intended results. 

Additionally, Kimse is a Certified Natural Health Care Practitioner with a focus on the Living Food Lifestyle she expanded her knowledge base by becoming a Living Food Chef and adding additional certifications which include;

Certified Iridologist                   Natural Spa Practitioner             Relaxation Therapist

Master Herbalist                       Certified Infant Massage Therapist and Instructor

Yoga Therapist                         And she became certified in Natural Product Manufacturing

She uses her coaching skills uniquely combined with her practitioner skills in a way that supports her clients in healing money wounds, removing blocks and Manifesting the flood of money into their lives that they deserve.

 “My brands are all related to my life, thus LaMeel being a lifestyle company.  

In addition to overseeing the company’s brands and developing new ones, Kimse is the host of LaMeel TV on YouTube and LaMeel Radio. She also publishes LaMeel Magazine, which is a quarterly publication that expounds on Mastering the Manifesting of Money and the LaMeel Lifestyle.

Kimse LaMeel

Mother of 8                   Yogi                 Fashionista                    Mogulista

Author                          TV Host           Radio Host                    Inspirationalist

Natural Health Care Practitioner

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