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You missed out!

Are you struggling with consistently manifesting money, or anything else you truly desire?

All of over social media, YouTube, and the internet, people are telling you manifesting is easy! So why don't you have everything you desire? 

If your anything like me you have probably read all the books, watched all the videos, done the meditations, and some more shit.

Sometimes you got what you wanted, sometimes you got close and sometimes you got nothing at all.

You have spent more time wondering "WHERE'S MY SHIT" than enjoying your manifestations.


What If You Could Get It Right


The Femme Financial Frequency Formula is beautifully designed to take you step by step through a frequency activation, allowing you to understand how money flows and how you can match the frequency of money all the time.

We start with a 10 day cycle, and then you learn to collapse that time and manifest even faster.

Are you ready to expand with me and manifest your first 1K in 10days?…

What You Get In The

Femme Financial Frequency Formula

60+ Step By Step Videos

The Femme Financial Frequency Formula Contains 17 Training Frequency modules and over 60 lessions. 

This course is broken down into bitesize steps that you can do immediately in just minutes per day allowing for easy manifestations.

A Scaleable plan

You will not only learn to increase your vibration  the frequency of money to manifest 1K in 10 days 

You will learn to accelerate and maintain your vibration so that you can manifest 1K in less than 10 days over time.

Frequency money flow

Living at the frequency of money will allow your money to flow and expand.

You will be instructed on how to not only maintain the frequency of money, but to raise the frequency of your environment, and everything that use to create, manifest and contain money with your inspired daily actions.

Right Now

struggling To Manifest
Not Able To Be Consistent  
Not Getting Any Results
Only Getting Partials Results
Not Sure If What your Doing Is Really Helping
Feeling Lost Or Disconnected

With Femme Financial Frequency Formula 

Your struggle is over, you will b guided in mastering a system that will allow you to be have consistent manifestations, understand and heal your blocks and bring your desires to you time and time again.  You will have ongoing support and updates as you grow and expand.


I believe you are here for a reason. There are no coincidence or accidents. You were guided and I'm here holding space for you.  The work I share in the course is part of my everyday life, and practice so I know the power of this.  It works, and I am living proof along with thousands of other students. This will transform and expand you further than you have the able to know or see at this moment. Being here in this moment has already started your expansion. Join us and start your transformation today.

Course Modules

Every module includes a video and inspired action play.


Module 1: Welcome

In module one Priestess LaMeel, welcomes you with a custom video and explains to you how the program works and how to reach the support team. You also get introduced to how to use your feminine energy to help your the process of receiving and manifesting money.


Module 2: Make Space For Your Fuckin Money

In module two Priestess jumps right into guiding you through clearing space for your money and offers training on; Clearing Out Your Damn Crap, The "F" Word Will Set Your Ass Free and Drop Your Fuckin Limiting Beliefs.


Module 3: Energetically Align with a Money

In module three Priestess LaMeel teaches you how to Give Your Magical Money Purpose and what the secret "MF" is and how  The "MF" Money Multiplier works. You then will be guided to expand and see How The Hell Does Money Feel.


Module 4: Drop That Shit & Get Clear

To clear you must start your Detox From the Negativity & Lower Level Bullshit, which is the first training in this module and you learn What the Hell Is Your Job?


Module 5: The Truth About Money

In Module five Priestess LaMeel goes deep into the truth about money in the following trainings, Affirming Your Money Truths and How To Shut Your Mind The Fuck Up.


Module 6: You Create Your Fuckin Money

Now your ready to start creating your money. In module 6 you receive 2 trainings 1. See the Money Before You Can See the Money and Where the Hell Does Money Come From?


Module 7: You Are Magical A Being

In this module Priestess LaMeel reminds you that you are a magical being and how Listen To Your Intuition and how powerful your words are in the training called, Your Magic Wand Is Your Word.


Module 8: You Are Fuckin Worth It

To receive you must know your worthily.  In Owning All Your Money Shit, and Leveling Up Your Value & Your Worth you learn to vibrate above and beyond the level of worthiness.


Module 9: Your Money Is Waiting On You

In this module you learn where the money is. Priestess LaMeel teaches you that The Money Has Already Manifested and everything including your 1K It's Here It's Done and the best way to receive it is to Let Happy Money Make Money.


Module 10: Zero Fuckin Effort

Yes, you can start everything you want Receiving with Zero Effort, here in module 10 Priestess LaMeel teaches you how its done and how Scripting brings in your desires quickly.


Module 11: The Real Magic

Now its time for you to put your Faith into motion and understand The Magic and how to Ask For All That Shit  Giving.


Module 12: Celebration Day

LaMeel Prestess celebrates your manifestations with and and teaches you Why You Need To Celebrate No Matter What.


Module 13: How To Scale This Money Frequency Shit

Now that you have manifested your 1K or more with the Femme Financial frequency Formula, its time to scale it! Priestess no teaches you how to collapse time and manifest 1K even faster.


HIFI Abundance Activation

This HIFI Abundance Activation is designed for you to use twice a day both morning and night to keep you activated in the frequency of money.

Femme Frequency Deck

 Carry one card with you daily to keep you focused on your new frequency and in the energy of expansion and receiving. 

It's A Vibe List

With Its A Vibe, even on your busiest days you will be able to cover all of your inspired actions within a just a few minutes a day. 

Femme Frequency Playbook & Journal

This playbook and journal allows space for you play with your inspired actions, and offers valuable training recap while manifesting your 1K.

Facebook Community

 Connecting with others on a similar journey is priceless in our Goddess Frequency Facebook Community. Additionally, you will have access to Priestess to LaMeel during Community Lives.

Email Support

With Femme Financial Frequency Formula you have unlimited email support. Y can access support from the client portal or right from with your course.

The Value Of Femme Financial Frequency Formula

The Femme Financial Frequency Formula is being offered today at an introductory rate for 7 days ONLY!

Join Femme Financial Frequency Formaula

A $    value for $68 ONLY for the next 7 days



/ one time payment 7 days only 

  • 13 Slay 1K Training Modules  - value $555.00      
  • HIFI Abundance Activation  - value $98.00
  • Femme Frequency Deck  - value $68.00
  • It's A Vibe Check List  - value $33.00
  • Femme Frequency Playbook & Journal  - value $22
  • Facebook Community  - $ priceless 
  • Unlimited Email Support  - $ priceless 
  • Start Immediately   - $ priceless 
  • Lifetime Access  - $ priceless 

Price Goes Up  On May 8st

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You missed out!

Total Value Over $700 Only $68.00 Until May16st


How Long will i have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the Femme Financial Frequency Formula, if for any reason it is taken off the LaMeel.com site you will receive the full couse via email as a zip file. 

what kind of support comes with the course?

You have unlimited email support with Femme Financial Frequency Formula.  You can access support via the client portal in the bottom right hand corner of the LaMeel.com website.  You can also send course question from inside of the course using the question feature.  We have a 24 hour or less response time. 

are there any additional cost to the course?

No, there are no additional cost required when you join the Femme Financial Frequency Formula.

can i get a print copy of the femme frequency workbook?

Yes, you can order a paperback copy of the Femme Frequency Playbook. You can order via the Luxe & Light Apothecary.  You can find the link to the Luxe & Light Apothecary on the home page of LaMeel.com on the menu bar.

Who Is Femme Financial Frequency Formula For?

  • Women who are ready to be powerful manifestors
  • Women who want to align with their Divine Feminine Energy
  • Women that are ready to live their dreams
  • Women that are ready to do the work
  • Women that know they deserve more
  • Women that can make decisions

How To Get Stated

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refund policy

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