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This is the destination for a bi-weekly shot of vodka on Alignment | Manifestation & Money. 
Each episode explores an alignment exercise designed to bring you closer to your desires with real suggestions holding your vibrational longer with ease.
I plan to shock, entertain, inspire and make you laugh with my straight shooting real life no bullshit coaching. However, my goal is to take you to the edge of your comfort zone & push you the fuck over into the life of your dreams unapologetically.

Episode 17​. Money Magic Mantras & Blessings - Aires January 27th

Two things that allow the magic of money to flow into your life are mantras and blessings. Learn some of the best and most powerful mantras and how to bless the worst things in your life to open up the flood gates so that magical money can flow through.


Episode 16 . Manifesting Via Scripting

Did you know that you can write yourself rich?  Yes you can via scripting.  This is a powerful manifesting tool and in this episode LaMeel will teach you 3 ways to add power to your scripting for fast manifesting results.  


Episode 15​. The 12 Categories for Creating Your Extraordinary Life

Most people only focus on money and career and sometimes love when planning their lives.  But, did you know there are really 12 categories that need our attention planning to live an extraordinary life? 


Episode 14. Stay Focused on Your Job in the Manifesting Process

Your job in that manifesting process is not the how!  This is why most of our desires do not materialize, our focus is not on what we need to do. Listen to learn your job in the manifesting process.


Episode 13​. Energy Vampires

Episode 13 - Energy Vampires
Alignment | Manifestations | Money
As you work to raise your vibration and come into alignment with your manifestations, you will have to deal with all types of people. Some of those people are going to energy vampires. This episode will explain what an energy vampire is, how to identify the types of energy vampire you are dealing with and ways to protect yourself. 


Episode 12​. The Attitude of Gratitude


Episode 11​. Day 10 of Manifesting 10K in 10 Days

1. Negative Detox 
2. Replace the negative with 5 new positive things
3. Find the Money - list ways that the money you intend to receive will and can come to you.


 Episode 10​. Day 9 in Manifesting 10K in 10 Days

1. Focus only on what is working - think only about the solutions
2. Only take action in the way of manifesting money or you intentions from a place of feeling good! Wait until you feel you, then take action on your ideas 


Episode 9​. Day 8 in Manifesting 10K in Days

Add 15 minutes of Meditation to your daily alignment practice
To Join visit - 
Join the 12 Days of Manifesting Christmas - 


Episode 8​. Day 7 in Manifesting 10K in 10 Days

FunWork - Create Your Own Money Manifesting Music Playlist


Episode 7​. Day 6 in Manifesting 10K in 10 Days

FunWork - 
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Be prepared to share this one with your friends! And tag me when you do (@lameel) so that I can see what your Kick Ass Money and Manifestation moments and breakthroughs were!


Episode 6​. Day 5 of Manifesting 10K in 10 Days

Day 5 of Manifesting 10K in 10 Days
To Join visit - 
Join the 12 Days of Manifesting Christmas - 

FunWork -
1. Start recording all the money you find, and the discounts you receive. Go back and start with day 1 
2. Keep reading your new beliefs 52 times each per day
3. State or write 5 things that you are grateful for each day


Episode 5​. Day 4 in Manifesting 10K in 10 Day  

Day 4 in the Manifesting 10K in 10 Days Masterclass
It's Thanksgiving and the funwork for today is
1. Write 30 things you are thankful and grateful for
2. 10 things you will do with the money you manifest


Episode 4​. Day 3 of 10K in Days

Day 3 of 10K in 10 Day Masterclass
Manifest 10K over the next 10 Days with LaMeel.
I am doing a masterclass on manifesting money during this wonderful holiday season and you are invited!
To get started click the link 
Love you all 
Happy manifesting


Episode 3. Get Into Alignment with Source

Learn the first step in getting aligned to receive what you are manifesting.


Episode 2. Hell Yes or Hell No

Is everything in your life a hell yes?
If not that may be the reason your not living the life of your dreams!


Episode 1​. The Basics of Manifesting Everything You Want

In this episode, LaMeel covers the basics of how manifesting works, ad how to get everything you want using the law of attraction, which governs your manifestations.


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