Where Goddesses Come To Grow, Create & Manifest 


Are You Resisting Divine Ease & Flow In Your Manifesting?

Embodying the Goddess within you is your birth right.  Living in the over flow of love is what allows you to be free.

I know you,  I know you because you are me. You’ve perhaps suffered some type of severe illness, eating disorder, lived in a cult. You were abused, abandon survive many abusive relationships, you carry money trauma, relationship drama and have probably been ostracized.                                                                        And as result you now resisting the divine flow, for manifesting your desires, my love.

You are making decisions form your current circumstances rather then your true vision.  You’re not trusting the universe.  You have not surrendering to ease and flow.

You're struggling to release attachments.  Deep  down you care about what other people think about you.

You’re scared of your own power.  You feel stuck in a low vibration and you haven’t committed to yourself. You’re manifesting people in your life who are draining you, rather than inspiring and uplifting you to your next Divine Femme level.

You want a life that reflects your truth.

You want a body you love and that supports you in being whole.            

You wanna make a shit ton of money                                  You want to live life on your own terms                              You want to live the life you’ve been dreaming of your whole life.                                                                          You want the kind of happy you’ve never seen or is rarely seen.                                                                          You want the type of freedom that only birds seem to have.                                                                        Welcome, my Divine Femme Sister                              You have come to the right place at the best possible time.                                                                         Welcome to Living Goddess. I have been holding space for you

is a sacred space for women to explore and master there personal femme powers and how to use them in the process of manifesting all of their desires. As a side effect of this work you become Sexy, Wealthy, Untamed & Unapologetic about who you are.

I believe you are here for a reason. I also believe you will be here longer than just a season in our Beautiful Goddess Frequency Coaching Program 

Because here you get to have what you desire most, trust me as your guide when I say, you cannot get it wrong! I will guide you as you tap into the most authentic version of yourself and your beautiful Sensual Femme Energy.

As we do this scared work together of raising the fuck up and living your dream life as your most authentic self, and commanding and conjuring your Sensual Femme energy, your body will start to vibrate higher than you can currently conceptualize. Your whole being will expand, and the fucking Universe will support you. Everything you desire will come to you faster than ever before; you will become an energetic match for a shit ton of money and amazing nurturing relationships. Vibrating at your new Sensual Femme Manifesting level, you will turn your fear and doubts into the energy of pure love and gratitude.

Goddess Frequency is a uniquely styled Group Coaching Program 

This is a program where you get to remember who the fuck you truly are!

You will be given the most extraordinary elevating transformative tools to up level every area of your life

You can’t get this massive Sensual Femme transformation in a 1-week workshop nor a 6-week intensive course.  Especially when you are moving through emotional sensitive topics.

And you cannot do this work alone, it takes a community and people cheering you on. And holding space for the highest vision of you and of your life.  It takes accountability

I have created a safe space to help you unlock and unleash the highest level of your Sensual Femme Manifesting abilities .  A space that will hold you as you honor your commitment to yourself.

I created Sensual Femme Manifesting to provide you with the exact tools, the guidance, and the loving support system you need to experience real safety as you unlock, unleash, and practice your Sensual Femme Manifesting as the highest version of yourself.

8 Goddess Frequency Courses

This is the Fucking Program of a Lifetime

It’s time to give yourself  permission to live your life your way, doing what the fuck you want , how the fuck you want, when the fuck you want, not having to worry about other people or if you’re good enough because you will know with unshakable certainly that your life has been created from a scared divine place that cannot be denied because it you your authentic truth.

If you are ready to step into your truth – that you are in this very moment

PURE FUCKING GOLD then this course is for you.

In the course you are going to create your own standards, your own expectation and you will know that you will meet them every fucking time because you are so fucking amazing

Stop making excuse for why other women are getting what the fuck you know you deserve

I am giving you permission to let that shit go

And start Manifesting with your Sensual Energy the amazing luxury you want.

start Living Goddess with these transformative courses and coaching with Priestess LaMeel.


 Divine Sensual Energy 

You Are Divine Femme Sensual Energy. The nature of a goddess is abundant, creative, sexual, powerful and beautiful.  We begin your journey by understand the call of the Goddess and how to answer. Are you ready to feel confident authentic magical empowered?

 Your Goddess practice will teach you to align with and embody your Goddessness.  You will learn to hold your Goddess energy and infuse it in your daily life.  


Activating Your Sensual Temple 

This course covers self-love,  body image and high vibrational health & wholeness.  You will find lessons on eating a high vibe diet, healing modalities, Kundalini yoga, pole dancing, sensual yoga workouts, mirror work, chakra work plus pussy rehab and more. Allowing you to overcoming self-worth, fear and limiting body image beliefs.


Sacred Sensual Alignment 

Within this course you master how to use your emotions to fuel your manifestations instead of blocking them.  Start being the director and the star of your life movie. 

You will be assigned affirmations, meditations, developing your am and pm alignment practices.  You will uncover your spiritual connection, and develop a plan of happiness just to name a few. Discover the difference between everyday manifesting and using your Divine Femme Energy as the foundation for manifesting your desires. Learn to tap into your Divine Femme Energy at will and use.  This course offers over 5 months of practice activities to support you in mastering your skills and increasing your knowledge.


Sacred Living Space 

You will learn to turn your living environment and body into your living  breathing vision board.  This will magnify your abilities in materializing your desires.


 Money Goddess 

As a Money Goddess we slaying scarcity – rewrite your money story by rewiring subconscious money blacks, healing money anxiety, and creating a relationship with the energy of abundance. Start rising into abundance – step by step techniques to creating more abundance in all areas of your life.  Become a money magnet and learn to attract abundance with ease.  Learn to rise to a new frequency and receive the financial prosperity you are worthy of.  Your vibration of receiving will be activated. You will learn the divine process of manifesting and how to manifest your desires.


Embodying Your Pussy Power 

We start by breaking through old toxic cycles and reclaiming your raw goddess power and sexuality.  You will be guided in claiming your inner Pussy Goddess, the part of  you that creates all of your highest desires, through resolving your past, and fully embracing your sexuality.  Pussy harness your orgasmic pleasure for Magic. Sextual energy is our life force. The womb is a portal to the divine.   We can manifest everything in life with our wombs.  We rewriting the shame stories around sexuality, sensuality, femininity, and pleasure.  A woman in divine connection with her pussy is unstoppable. You will develop your own pleasure practice and rituals, receive sexual awakening classes, and guided healing.



Goddess Frequency

As a Goddess you are magnetic to all that you desire in every area of your life. Once in the Goddess Frequency you become that Goddess. We start by breaking through old toxic cycles and reclaiming our raw goddess power and sexuality. We will be rewriting the shame stories around sexuality, sensuality, femininity, and pleasure. You will be guided in claiming your inner Pussy Goddess, the part of  you that creates all of your highest desires, through resolving your past, and fully embracing your sexuality.

Sexual energy is our life force and our Pussy harnesses our orgasmic pleasure for Magic and more. Our wombs are a portal to the divine and we can manifest everything in life with our wombs.  As woman in divine connection with your Pussy you become an unstoppable Goddesses.




Living Goddess *Bonus

This course is one you will revisit weekly, and send your final month in. 

After all this deep inner work, you will be able to show up in your life in a way that magnetizes your ideal future to you. Living As Goddess is all about living your new life and your new truth.  Here is where you master putting it all the together.




A Modern Courtesan

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Sensual Manifesting

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Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all courses, recorded trainings & support materials

Monthly Recorded Sessions

Every month Priestess LaMeel will release a prerecorded Godess Frequency training. Each Training is 1-2 hours and expand on your courses.

Email Chat Communication/Support

Have personal questions or topics you'd like to have addressed? You will have access to special mail to communicate with the team.

Monthly Channeled Guided Meditations

Each month LaMeel Priestess releases a one hour guided Goddess Frequency Meditation, which provided downloads & activations for you.

Monthly Live Streams

Each month you will spend an hour with Priestess LaMeel, learning tips and techniques to expand into your Goddess Frequency.

Playbooks & Journals

Your Playbooks & Journals are available in hard copy and as a download. These support you through your blocks & rising into your  Sensual Femme Energy.

Goddess Frequency Community

Meet like minded women that will hold space for you, support you, celebrate you and encourage you!

And More!

As we expand you will be the first to have access via Goddess Frequency to all new curses, and services.


Bonus 1
Goddess Frequency  Community

LaMeel is a Manifesting Priestess and healer who has the ability to co-create with you to create the Manifestations you desire,


Value $Priceless

Bonus 4
3 Master Courses

Slay 1K in 10 Days

Abundant Rich Bitch

Allowing MF Miracles

Value $3,441

Bonus 2
 Group Coaching Membership

You will instantly become members of the

Sacred Feminine Alignment Coaching, for 6 months each 

Value - $1,110.00

Bonus 5
Exclusive On-Boarding Session

Your on-boarding session includes; a beautiful Goddess Frequency guide & a 30 minute session 

Value $2,000

Bonus 3
 Meditations, Mantras, Activations

Access and download  8 Divine Femme meditations that provide you the activation for your next level.

Value $222.00

Bonus 6
Surprise Events & Trainings

Every month new features, sessions and programs will be added at no coast.


Value $ Priceless

About Priestess LaMeel 

LaMeel is a Manifesting Priestess and a Spiritual  teacher that offers her work via digital courses, published books and her group coaching programs.  

She offers over 2 decades of training and teaching experience on the following subjects:

Manifesting, Money, Magick, Spirituality, Sexuality, and High Vibrational Living.

Priestess LaMeel, uses her coaching skills uniquely combined with her health practitioner skills in a way that supports her clients in healing money wounds, removing blocks and Manifesting the flood of money into their lives that they deserve.

Priestess LaMeel, is a Certified Natural Health Care Practitioner with a focus on the Living Food Lifestyle she has expanded her knowledge base by becoming a Living Food Chef and adding additional certifications which include.

*Certified Iridologist                     *Natural Spa Practitioner

*Relaxation Therapist                  *Master Herbalist                      *Certified Infant Massage           *Therapist and Instructor             *Yoga Therapist                           *Manifesting Coach                       *Sensuality Therapist

Here’s what people are saying about Priestess LaMeel

Christian Doe


A Real Liiving Goddess 

I knew I was wanting a change, but i was scared as to what that was going to mean.  After working with LaMeel and having the opportunity to be in her energy, I am now a 6 figure boss bitch closing deals that others my age said was not possible.  LaMeel is a real living goddess.

Barbara Lane

Art Director

Amazing  Priestess

All I can say is that the Priestess held space for me while pushing me outta my comfort zone! As a result I am living my dream life and manifested everything on my vision  board in 3 months.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

Transformation Master 

My life has been transformed.  I started in LaMeel's manifesting  courses and my relationship with money  changed in less than 10 days! Now I am blessed to work  1;1 with LaMeel and I have never been happier in my life.  Tank you so much.

There is strength that is created the minute you stop letting yourself live by other people’s rule and create your own damn rules.

If you are …….

Done self-sabotaging

Done with shit in life feeling hard

Ready to next level your life

Done giving your power away

Done compromising your boundaries

Done with the lower energy feels of anxiousness, neediness

Done putting yourself on the back burner

Done looking at your body and feeling upset, anxious, and not good enough

Done seeking validation and reassurance outside of yourself

Done feeling less than complete

Done people pleasing

Done struggling with the same patterns

Done feeling triggered as fuck about lower energy behavior

If you are …….

Ready to manifest an extraordinary life

Ready to feel worthy relaxed and self-validated

Ready to hold your Divine Femme power and embody it instead of giving it way

Ready to honor yourself and your boundaries

Ready to feel fully authentic and express yourself in your femininity 

Ready to love yourself your body and simply be hot & beautiful as fuck

Ready to step into your full Goddess Frequency power and open your heart to release all the patterns behind the cycles of wounds that have been passed down to you

Ready to be the light and lite as fuck

Join Your Tribe in Living Goddess 

How Goddess Frequency Works

One course is released to you each month.  During the month you will be guided and supported through each course in our group area.  The first two weeks you will go through our Identification and Healing process, week two is Quantum Shifting and Integration techniques.  Week three we start Divine Femme practices and week four additional Tools will be provided to support you in sustaining your growth.  There are 7 courses plus 3 bonus courses.  Twice per month you will receive Goddess Trainings one live and one recorded. 

Throughout the program and after the completion of all course’s members continue to attend the monthly training sessions with Priestess LaMeel. You will be given a set of practices and support throughout each month that will help you transform, up level, heal, and elevate, and emerge as a Divine Femme Manifestor. YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE DIVINE FEMME TRAINING FOR LIFE INCLUDING UPDATES.

I know there are a lot of tools available out there but one of the most important factors in transformation is having the space to do it in.  As a result of knowing that, I developed a 4 step Divine Femme Manifesting process that include the tools that will awaken you to your true Manifesting  power and magick.

The four step Divine Femme Manifesting process offers you maximum transformation and in the program you will have the opportunity to learn the process as it is used in every course, and you will be able to apply it to every area of your life.

The 4 Step Process in


Identification – During identification stage (usually the first week of each course) we go deep through journaling, audio and meditations to identify where you currently are no the subject, hidden blocks you are carrying with you and where you want to be.


Quantum Shisting and Integration

Quantum Shifting and Integration – This is when we start releasing the blocks and healing the trauma of your life cycles and returning the negative beliefs you bought from others, so you can start the integration of your new Divine Femme Personality.

Divine Femme Manifesting 

Divine Femme Manifesting Practices – Your Divine Femme Manifesting Practices, are the daily activities you will learn that will continue to support you in your healing process and your integration processes.

Divine Femme Manifesting 

Ascension Tools – Your tools are the techniques that you will be taught that will keep you aligned as you ascend to your next level 

A Personal Note

There are no accidents, your here because you were guided. You stayed because you are called.  You know you have greatness in you.  You know its your time to rise the fuck up, take your place in the world, be seen & heard. This is the start of your Divine Femme Manifesting. Congratulations, I am excited about guiding you on your journey.

Priestess LaMeel

LaMeel Empire

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