Where Goddesses Come To Grow, Create & Manifest 

Embrace Your Divine Femme Power!**

Embodying the Goddess within you is your birth right.  Living in the over flow of love is what allows you to be free.

I see you; I recognize you because you are a reflection of me. Perhaps you've faced severe challenges like illness, struggled with eating disorders, or experienced life in a challenging environment. You've survived abuse, abandonment, and navigated through toxic relationships, carrying the weight of money trauma and relationship drama. This journey may have led to feelings of ostracization.

Now, you find yourself resisting the divine flow necessary for manifesting your desires, my love. You're making decisions based on your current circumstances instead of your true vision. Trust in the universe eludes you, and surrendering to ease and flow feels challenging.

Attachments cling to you, and the opinions of others weigh deep within. Your fear of your own power keeps you in a low vibration, and the commitment to yourself remains elusive. Instead of attracting those who uplift and inspire you to your next Divine Femme level, you manifest individuals who drain your energy.

You desire a life that mirrors your truth.

A body you cherish, supporting your overall well-being.

You crave abundant wealth, living life on your terms, fulfilling the dreams you've held since forever.

Seeking a happiness seldom witnessed, a freedom akin to birds soaring through the skies.

Welcome, Divine Femme Sister; the perfect moment has arrived.

Step into Living Goddess, where I've been holding a sacred space just for you.

Goddess Frequency serves as a sacred sanctuary for women to delve into and master their personal femme powers, learning how to wield them in the manifestation of all their desires. Through this transformative journey, you naturally emerge as a self-assured, captivating, affluent, untamed, and unapologetic embodiment of your true self.

I believe your presence here is not coincidental, and your journey within our Beautiful Goddess Frequency Coaching Program is destined to extend beyond a mere season. Here, you'll actualize your most coveted desires, and rest assured, you cannot go astray with me as your guide. I will lead you to tap into the truest version of yourself and embrace your exquisite Sensual Femme Energy.

Together, as we engage in this sacred work of elevating your existence and living your dream life authentically, while harnessing and summoning your Sensual Femme energy, you'll witness your body vibrating at frequencies beyond your current comprehension. Your entire being will undergo expansion, and the Universe will rally behind you. Your desires will swiftly materialize; you'll effortlessly align with abundant wealth and nurturing relationships. Embracing your heightened Sensual Femme Manifesting level, you'll effortlessly transform fear and doubts into the pure energies of love and gratitude.

Goddess Frequency stands out as a uniquely crafted Group Coaching Program.
This program is your opportunity to rediscover your authentic self, embracing the essence of who you truly are!
Immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey equipped with transformative tools that will elevate every facet of your life. This profound Sensual Femme transformation transcends the limitations of a 1-week workshop or a 6-week intensive course, especially when navigating emotionally sensitive topics.
Embarking on this transformative path requires a supportive community—individuals cheering you on, holding space for the highest vision of yourself and your life. It demands accountability.
I have meticulously curated a safe space to guide you in unlocking and unleashing the highest level of your Sensual Femme Manifesting abilities. This space is designed to cradle you as you honor your commitment to yourself.
Sensual Femme Manifesting is my creation to provide you with precise tools, expert guidance, and a loving support system. It's your key to experiencing genuine safety as you unlock, unleash, and practice Sensual Femme Manifesting at the highest version of yourself.

8 Goddess Frequency Courses

Embark on the transformative journey of the 8 Goddess Frequency Courses – this is the Program of a Lifetime.

Grant yourself the permission to live life on your terms, doing what brings you joy, whenever you want. Free yourself from concerns about others' opinions or whether you're good enough. Embrace the unwavering certainty that your life is created from a sacred divine place—your authentic truth.

If you're ready to step into your truth, recognizing that you are PURE GOLD in this very moment, then this course is your calling.

Throughout the course, you'll establish your own standards and expectations, knowing you'll meet them every time because you are truly amazing.

Cease making excuses for why other women are manifesting what you know you deserve. I'm granting you permission to let go of those hindrances and begin manifesting the luxurious life you desire with your Sensual Energy.

Commence your journey to Living Goddess with these transformative courses and coaching by Goddess LaMeel.


 Divine Sensual Energy 

You embody the essence of Divine Femme Sensual Energy. As a goddess, your nature is abundant, creative, sexual, powerful, and beautiful. Our journey begins by understanding the call of the Goddess and how to respond. Are you prepared to experience confidence, authenticity, magic, and empowerment?
Your Goddess practice will guide you to align with and embody your innate Goddessness. Through this journey, you'll learn to embrace and infuse your Goddess energy into your daily life. Get ready to connect with and embody your true Goddess self.


Activating Your Sensual Temple 

Embark on a transformative journey encompassing self-love, body image, and achieving high vibrational health & wholeness. Dive into lessons covering a spectrum of topics, including adopting a high-vibe diet, exploring healing modalities, engaging in Kundalini yoga, embracing pole dancing, participating in sensual yoga workouts, practicing mirror work, delving into chakra work, undergoing pussy rehab, and much more. This comprehensive course empowers you to conquer self-worth challenges, overcome fear, and shatter limiting beliefs about your body image.


Sacred Sensual Alignment 

In this course, you will learn to harness your emotions as a driving force for your manifestations, unlocking the ability to shape your life's narrative as both the director and the star. Assignments include personalized affirmations, guided meditations, the development of morning and evening alignment practices, and the exploration of your spiritual connection, among other empowering exercises. Delve into the nuances between everyday manifesting and leveraging your Divine Femme Energy as the cornerstone for manifesting your desires. Acquire the skills to access your Divine Femme Energy at will and integrate it into your daily life. With over five months of guided practice activities, this course supports you in mastering these skills and expanding your knowledge.


Sacred Living Space 

In this course, discover the art of transforming your living space and body into a living, breathing vision board. Gain the power to amplify your manifestation abilities and bring your desires to life.


 Money Goddess 

As a Money Goddess, we transcend scarcity by rewriting our money story through rewiring subconscious money blocks, healing money anxiety, and cultivating a relationship with the energy of abundance. Embark on a journey to ascend into abundance, equipped with step-by-step techniques for creating prosperity in all aspects of life. Transform into a money magnet, mastering the art of attracting abundance effortlessly. Elevate your frequency, unlocking the pathway to the financial prosperity you truly deserve. Activate your vibration of receiving and delve into the divine process of manifesting, gaining the knowledge to bring your desires to fruition.


Embodying Your Pussy Power 

As a Goddess, your magnetic essence draws forth all that you desire in every facet of your life. Immersed in the Goddess Frequency, you embody the essence of divinity. Our transformative journey begins with shattering old toxic cycles and reclaiming the innate power and sensuality of your inner goddess. Together, we embark on rewriting narratives that carry shame surrounding sexuality, sensuality, femininity, and pleasure.
Guided through this process, you'll reclaim your inner Pussy Goddess—the force that brings your highest desires to life—by resolving past experiences and embracing your sexuality wholeheartedly. Acknowledging sexual energy as our life force, we recognize the womb as a divine portal capable of manifesting every desire. In this divine connection with your Pussy, you evolve into an unstoppable Goddess.
Through the profound alignment with your sacred feminine energy, you become a channel for the magical flow of orgasmic pleasure and more. Embracing the womb as a gateway to the divine, you unleash the power to manifest abundance in every aspect of your life. As a woman in divine union with your Pussy, you stand as an indomitable Goddess.



Goddess Frequency

As a Divine Goddess, you emanate a magnetic force, drawing forth all that you desire across every realm of your life. Immersed in the potent vibrations of the Goddess Frequency, you seamlessly embody the essence of divinity. Our transformative journey commences by dismantling old toxic cycles, reclaiming the untamed power of our raw goddess nature, and embracing our inherent sensuality. Together, we embark on a profound reconfiguration of narratives, dispelling shame surrounding sexuality, sensuality, femininity, and pleasure. Guided through this sacred process, you'll reacquaint yourself with your inner Pussy Goddess—the sacred wellspring that gives life to all your highest aspirations. By resolving past experiences and wholeheartedly embracing your sexuality, you undergo a powerful metamorphosis. Recognizing sexual energy as our life force, we acknowledge the Pussy as a vessel for harnessing orgasmic pleasure, enchantment, and more. Our wombs emerge as divine portals capable of manifesting the entirety of our desires. In the divine union with your Pussy, you elevate into an indomitable Goddess, unstoppable in your essence.




Living Goddess *Bonus

A Transformative Journey  Prepare to embark on a weekly pilgrimage through the Living Goddess course, a sanctuary for profound self-discovery. Each week, you'll delve into the depths of your inner being, exploring facets of your existence that demand your attention. This course is not just a one-time experience; it's a sacred voyage that invites you to return weekly, nurturing and refining the essence of your true self.    Having traversed the realms of deep inner work, you'll emerge with the ability to radiate a magnetic force that draws your ideal future toward you. Living As Goddess is the culmination of your journey—a space where you masterfully weave together the threads of your newfound wisdom, embodying a life that resonates with your authentic truth. Step into this transformative experience, and witness the alchemy as you live, breathe, and embrace the goddess within.




A Modern Courtesan

"A Modern Courtesan" is an empowering course that unveils the secrets of modern seduction, elegance, and empowerment. Elevate your confidence, refine your style, and explore the art of cultivating intimate connections with a focus on emotional intelligence and sensual wisdom. This transformative journey invites you to embody the essence of a modern-day courtesan, navigating relationships with grace, poise, and a captivating allure. Master the skills that redefine love, pleasure, and personal empowerment in today's dynamic world.



Sensual Manifesting

"Sensual Manifesting" is a transformative course designed to awaken your inner desires and manifest a life of pleasure and abundance. Led by Goddess LaMeel, an experienced sex and sensuality educator, this course explores the art of sensual living, enhancing your sexuality, and embracing a life of pleasure. Dive into explicit sacred sex talks, enriching workouts, and empowering rituals that empower you to manifest your deepest desires through the power of femininity and sensuality. Elevate your life with passion, intimacy, and the magic of sensual manifesting.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all courses, recorded trainings & support materials

Monthly Recorded Sessions

Every month Priestess LaMeel will release a prerecorded Godess Frequency training. Each Training is 1-2 hours and expand on your courses.

Email Chat Communication/Support

Have personal questions or topics you'd like to have addressed? You will have access to special mail to communicate with the team.

Monthly Channeled Guided Meditations

Each month LaMeel Priestess releases a one hour guided Goddess Frequency Meditation, which provided downloads & activations for you.

Monthly Live Streams

Each month you will spend an hour with Priestess LaMeel, learning tips and techniques to expand into your Goddess Frequency.

Playbooks & Journals

Your Playbooks & Journals are available in hard copy and as a download. These support you through your blocks & rising into your  Sensual Femme Energy.

Goddess Frequency Community

Meet like minded women that will hold space for you, support you, celebrate you and encourage you!

And More!

Now includes your membership to Goddess University.  As we expand you will be the first to have access via Goddess Frequency to all new curses, and services.


Bonus 1
Goddess Frequency  Community

LaMeel is a Manifesting Priestess and healer who has the ability to co-create with you to create the Manifestations you desire,


Value $Priceless

Bonus 4
3 Master Courses

Slay 1K in 10 Days

Abundant Rich Bitch

Allowing MF Miracles

Value $3,441

Bonus 2
 Group Coaching Membership

You will instantly become members of the

Sacred Feminine Alignment Coaching, for 6 months each 

Value - $1,110.00

Bonus 5
Exclusive On-Boarding Session

Your on-boarding session includes; a beautiful Goddess Frequency guide & a 30 minute session 

Value $2,000

Bonus 3
 Meditations, Mantras, Activations

Access and download  8 Divine Femme meditations that provide you the activation for your next level.

Value $222.00

Bonus 6
Surprise Events & Trainings

Every month new features, sessions and programs will be added at no coast.


Value $ Priceless

About Goddess LaMeel 

Goddess LaMeel, a Manifesting Priestess and Spiritual teacher, shares her wisdom through digital courses, published books, and group coaching programs. With over two decades of experience, she specializes in Manifesting, Money, Magick, Spirituality, Sexuality, and High Vibrational Living. As a Certified Natural Health Care Practitioner, Living Food Chef, and holder of various certifications, including Iridology, Spa Practitioner, Herbalism, and Yoga Therapy, LaMeel uniquely combines coaching and health practitioner skills. Her approach helps clients heal money wounds, remove blocks, and manifest the abundance they deserve in all aspects of their lives.

Here’s what people are saying about Goddess LaMeel

Christian Doe


A Real Liiving Goddess 

I felt the need for change, but the uncertainty scared me. After working with LaMeel and immersing myself in her energy, I've transformed into a six-figure boss, closing deals others my age thought were impossible. LaMeel is a true living goddess.

Barbara Lane

Art Director

Amazing  Priestess

The Priestess provided a supportive space while nudging me beyond my comfort zone. Consequently, I am now living my dream life, having manifested everything on my vision board within just three months.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

Transformation Master 

My life has undergone a profound transformation since joining LaMeel's manifesting courses. Within less than 10 days, my relationship with money completely changed. I'm now fortunate to work one-on-one with LaMeel, and I've never been happier in my life. Thank you so much.

There is strength that is created the minute you stop letting yourself live by other people’s rule and create your own damn rules.

If you are...

- Done self-sabotaging
- Done with life feeling hard
- Ready to take your life to the next level
- Done giving away your power
- Done compromising your boundaries
- Done with lower energy feelings of anxiousness and neediness
- Done putting yourself on the back burner
- Done looking at your body and feeling upset, anxious, and not good enough
- Done seeking validation and reassurance outside of yourself
- Done feeling less than complete
- Done with people-pleasing
- Done struggling with the same patterns
- Done feeling triggered about lower energy behavior
If you are...
- Ready to manifest an extraordinary life
- Ready to feel worthy, relaxed, and self-validated
- Ready to hold your Divine Femme power and embody it instead of giving it away
- Ready to honor yourself and your boundaries
- Ready to feel fully authentic and express yourself in your femininity
- Ready to love yourself, your body, and simply be hot and beautiful as ever
- Ready to step into your full Goddess Frequency power and open your heart to release all the patterns behind the cycles of wounds that have been passed down to you
- Ready to be the light and shine as brightly as ever

Join your tribe in Goddess Frequency.

How Goddess Frequency Works

One course is unveiled each month, guiding and supporting you through our group area. The initial two weeks focus on Identification and Healing processes, followed by Quantum Shifting and Integration techniques in the second week. Week three introduces Divine Femme practices, and week four provides additional Tools to bolster your ongoing growth. The program comprises 7 core courses with an additional 3 bonus courses. You'll receive Goddess Trainings twice a month, one live and one recorded.

Even after completing all courses, members continue attending monthly training sessions with Goddess LaMeel. With ongoing practices and support, you'll experience transformation, elevation, healing, and emerge as a Divine Femme Manifestor. Access to Divine Femme Training is for life, including updates.

In the vast landscape of available tools, the key to transformation lies in having the right space. Recognizing this, I've crafted a 4-step Divine Femme Manifesting process that incorporates tools to awaken your true Manifesting power and magick.

The four-step Divine Femme Manifesting process facilitates comprehensive transformation. Throughout the program, you'll learn and apply this process in every course, empowering you to extend its benefits to every facet of your life.

The 4 Step Process in


IIdentification Stage – Typically conducted in the first week of each course, we delve deep into journaling, audio sessions, and meditations. The goal is to identify your current position on the subject, uncover any hidden blocks you might be carrying, and clarify your desired destination.


Quantum Shisting and Integration

Quantum Shifting and Integration – In this phase, we embark on releasing blocks and healing the traumas of your life cycles. We work on shedding the negative beliefs you've acquired from others, paving the way for the integration of your new Divine Femme Personality.

Divine Femme Manifesting 

Divine Femme Manifesting Practices – These are the daily activities you'll learn to continue supporting your healing and integration processes in the Divine Femme Manifesting journey.

Divine Femme Manifesting 

Ascension Tools – These are the techniques you'll be taught to keep you aligned as you ascend to your next level in the Divine Femme Manifesting journey.

A Personal Note

There are no coincidences; you're here because you've been led. You've chosen to stay because you're called. Deep down, you recognize the greatness within you. Now is your moment to ascend, claim your space in the world, and let your voice be heard. Welcome to the dawn of your Goddess Life, where ease and flow await. Congratulations! I'm thrilled to accompany you on this transformative journey..

Goddess LaMeel

LaMeel Empire

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