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You Are Goddess 

You Are Goddess. The nature of a goddess is abundant, creative, sexual, powerful and beautiful.  We begin your journey by understand the call of the Goddess and how to answer. Are you ready to feel confident authentic magical empowered?

 Your Goddess practice will teach you to align with and embody your Goddessness.  You will learn to hold your Goddess energy and infuse it in your daily life.  


Activating Your Temple Body 

This course covers self-love,  body image and high vibrational health & wholeness.  You will find lessons on eating a high vibe diet, healing modalities,Kundalini yoga, pole dancing, sensual yoga workouts, mirror work, chakra work plus pussy rehab and more. Allowing you to overcoming self-worth, fear and limiting body image beliefs.

Alignment Boss

Within this course you master how to use your emotions to fuel your manifestations instead of blocking them.  Start being the director and the star of your life movie. 

You will be assigned affirmations, meditations, developing your am and pm alignment practices.  You will uncover your spiritual connection, and develop a plan of happiness just to name a few.

Money Savage 

As a Money Savage we slaying scarcity – rewrite your money story by rewiring subconscious money blacks, healing money anxiety, and creating a relationship with the energy of abundance. Start rising into abundance – step by step techniques to creating more abundance in all areas of your life.  Become a money magnet and learn to attract abundance with ease.  Learn to rise to a new frequency and receive the financial prosperity you are worthy of.  Your vibration of receiving will be activated. You will learn the divine process of manifesting and how to manifest your desires.

Scared Living Space 

You will learn to turn your living environment and body into your living  breathing vision board.  This will magnify your abilities in materializing your desires.

Embodying Your Pussy Power 

We start by breaking through old toxic cycles and reclaiming your raw goddess power and sexuality.  You will be guided in claiming your inner Pussy Goddess, the part of  you that creates all of your highest desires, through resolving your past, and fully embracing your sexuality.  Pussy harness your orgasmic pleasure for Magic. Sextual energy is our life force. The womb is a portal to the divine.   We can manifest everything in life with our wombs.  We rewriting the shame stories around sexuality, sensuality, femininity, and pleasure.  A woman in divine connection with her pussy is unstoppable. You will develop your own pleasure practice and rituals, receive sexual awakening classes, and guided healing.

Magical Vixen 

You are a magical being. Learn to own it, and use it for your advantage.  This course teaches you to use your magical nature to manifest all of your life’s Desires.  Learn  how to embody & own your magic!  Surrender to the flow and tap into the magic of Mother Earth to actualize creative power, abundance and your wildest dreams into physical reality.

Living As Goddess *Bonus 

This course is one you will revisit weekly, and send your final month in. 

After all this deep inner work, you will be able to show up in your life in a way that magnetizes your ideal future to you. Living As Goddess is all about living your new life and your new truth.  Here is where you master putting it all the together.


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