Hustle Money Group Coaching

Money Is Suppose To Be Easy

You don't have to hustle to have money, you don't have to strong arm yourself to success and money. In this alignment shifting coaching program you will learn to take the HUSTLE out of money.

You will learn to raise your vibrations through alignment and allow all the money of your desires to come flooding in.


Monthly Alignment Coaching

On the first Monday of the month, you receive a 1 hour or more of live teaching on the practice of Alignment and a new alignment technique.

On the 3rd week of the month you receive a recorded alignment training. 


Monthly Fun Work

After each live and recorded alignment training, fun work will be assigned that will support you in mastering the different alignment techniques, and will give you a point of reference for the rest of the month.   


Ongoing Email Support

In between training sessions if you get stuck in a holding pattern or have general questions, you can use the special email to get support directly from me. 


Access To Previous Training's 

No matter when you join you will have access to all of the previous alignment training's and the live Q & A's via the archives.


Live Monthly Q & A's

During the monthly live training you can ask anything you want pertaining to the training and or the vibrational alignment techniques being taught.


Alignment Money Facebook Group

Join the community, post your progress and make other aligned friends.


Bonus * Manifesting 1 K in 10 Days Live Training

Watch the 10 days of Manifesting 1K  Live! Take notes and watch as often as you would like to learn the process.


No Obligation Cancel At Any Time

This amazing alignment shifting training program is available for only $48.88 per month, no obligations, cancel at any time. No refunds.

My first month, I really enjoyed the training but didn't feel like I was doing enough. I emailed and LaMeel responded, with her suggestions I was able to make 1K in 8 days!  I love this program, now I'm adding Alignment Boss Money

Thank you

Kathy Ovens,  Designer

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