Guidance from Goddess  Oracle Readings 


 11 minutes @ $33.00 or $88.00 for 3 sessions used within 6 months.

One picture reading for yourself or a love interest. This reading will look at the energy of the person and your compatibility, along with their feelings for you. Please note these are recorded audios ONLY. Please be sure that the picture of the person includes their eyes showing, no filters, and the person has known you since the picture was taken. Read your confirmation email thoroughly after purchase.


 33 minutes @ $66.00 or $188.00 for 3 sessions used within 6 months.

This reading is for those of you looking to tackle financial stability and discover which areas need work. This reading will be recorded and delivered via email. Includes 4-6 cards and prosperity affirmations.


 5 minutes @ $22.00 or $55.00 for 3 sessions used within 6 months.

Need a quick oracle reading? This is a one card pull to answer your question with spiritual insight. These are delivered via audio ONLY and are delivered within 48 hours of purchase.

Please note that the date and time you select for your reading is for booking purposes only. You will receive your reading within 48 hours and not necessarily by the date you selected. Please carefully read your confirmation email after purchase.

Distance Energy Healing

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