candle service

This service is for group candle work.

The service is performed by me (Priestess LaMeel)  I usually hold  candle services  per month.  Each service is  customized to harness the energy of the season and the moon.

Candle service allows you to send in your personal request to be added to the energy and prayer work I performed daily during the duration of the service. 

Services last a minimum of 7 days.

The results of your personal candle and work during the service will be emailed to you 24-48 hours after the service is complete.

You can text 571.888.5191 with questions

If the service does not coincide with what you're needing, see custom work.

Once ordered email your name and details to [email protected] or text it to 571.888.5191

$55.55 paid at time of scheduling.

or join the candle service subscription for $55.55 monthly. It includes a full moon and a new moon service.

Guidance from Goddess  Oracle Readings 


$44.44 - 30 minutes 

$88.88 - 60 minutes

(if its a love reading provide a photo of the love interest) or just a photo of you). 

We will cover as much as is offered from spirit during your reading and as many questions as time allows.

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