candle service

This service is for group candle work.

Full Moon

New Moon

Portal Number Moons

The service is performed by me (Priestess LaMeel)  I usually hold  candle services  per month.  Each service is  customized to harness the energy of the season and the moon.

Candle service allows you to send in your personal request to be added to the energy and prayer work I performed daily during the duration of the service. 

Services last a minimum of 7 days.

The results of your personal candle and work during the service will be emailed to you 24-48 hours after the service is complete.

You can text 571.888.5191 with questions

If the service does not coincide with what you're needing, see custom work.

Once ordered email your name and details to spiritualservices@lameel.com or text it to 571.888.5191

$55.55 paid at time of scheduling.

Members of Moon Goddess may join for $22 via cashapp

Guidance from Goddess  Oracle Readings 


$44.44 - 30 minutes 

$88.88 - 60 minutes

(if its a love reading provide a photo of the love interest) or just a photo of you). 

We will cover as much as is offered from spirit during your reading and as many questions as time allows.

click to schedule

Distance Energy Healing

Starting at $77.77

Coming Soon

custom spellwork 

Custom Spellwork is a personalized service that will include a (free)15min tarot consultation with your working! Please make sure to text me at 571.888.5191 or email Spiritualserivices@lameel.com with your information and the work you would like done. Without this information, I can not start your working. Please make sure your email is correct!

Starts at $144.44 or paid via cashapp

Please allow Up to 7 days to receive your response

custom Spell bottles  

Custom spell bottles are made based on the information you provide.  They take approximately 7 days to create and ship. Place your order and send your personalized request via email to spiritualservices@lameel.com

Work will not begin until you confirm via email.  

$33.33 or $30.00 paid via cashapp $LaMee2020

Custom spiritual Oil Blends

You can use these oils on your body, in ritual baths, to anoint candles, on poppets, Jewelry, on items or in cleaning supplies and more. these are 1oz bottles, Once received leave your oils in a dark/ dimly light area. They have a 6 month shelf life because I use no preservatives!

Send an email to Spiritualservices@LaMeel.com sharing specifically what you would like the oils to be used. Note the shipping time is 2 weeks long, it takes oils a while to steep and fully infuse and I personally to enchant them over several days.

$44.44 or $40.44 pay via cashapp $LaMeel2020

*** note I can refuse & return your order if I do not feel comfortable creating your oil, In that rare case I will notify you in a timely manner and refund you immediately.*** I do not do weight related workings!

Custom flower remedies

Custom Bach Flower Remedies ar now available.  You wll need to place your order then schedule your consult.  Your custome blend will be shipped within 72 hours of your consult.

The energies from different flowers used can remove all our emotional pains and suffering, which over time harm our health and impair healing. 

 Bach Flower Remedies work in harmony with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants. 

Cord Removal Ritual

To obtain a cord removal, Please you the purchase button below first.  Then schedule your session for Priestess to chat with you and receive the details.

Appointments will not be taken if the service has not been purchased. Cord removals can be done with ex partners, friends, family members or anyone you have developed a deep connection with.  Instuctions on how you need to prepare will be given during your call session.

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