Goddess Champagne Chat 

Goddess Champagne Chat Is All About Leveling Up Our Lives!

Each month we will gather in our Divine Femme Energy with a beautifully chilled bottle of Champagne to chat about real life practical ways to Level Up Our Lives. 

Expanding and growing and elevating is a never ending process.  Often as we seek a higher level of expression those around us do not understand our desires.  The Goddess Champagne Chat is now your place to come and express your desires, learn leveling up techniques and spend time with like minded individuals.

Goddess Champagne Chat Benefits  

Being a member of our growing community of forward thinkers and visionaries is priceless.  The monthly training is life changing, and the friendships are forever.

Monthly Champange Chats

Each month you spend an hour with Priestess LaMeel, learning tips and techniquesn to expand and level up your life.

Monthly Mantra Rants

Every month Priestess LaMeel will release a prerecorded mantra rant for you to use throughtout the month, to raise your awearness and support your expansion day to day.

Email Chat Communication

Have personal questions or tiopics you'd like to have addressed? You will have access to the Champange Chat email to comunicate with the team.

Access To LaMeel Lounge  

Community & support is important as you expand & level up your life.  You will also recceive access to yhegroup lounge to chat with and receive support from other members & Priestess LaMeel

Good Friends, High Vibes, Classic Champange & Real Talk Will Elevate Your Life.”

-Priestess LaMeel 

The Champange

Champange is not required, you can sip on anything of your choice to relax.  What's most important here is your willingness to be real with yourself about where you are and the alignment work your willing to do to get to your next level.

Each month the champange information is shared in advance and is provided by monthly sponsor.  

The Training & Mantras

Champange Chat trainings are recorded live and are designed to offer not only spirtutal ways to expand your inner world, but practical suggestions that have little to no cost that you can put into play immediatly, to enhance and level up your current situation. In addition to the monthly live trainings, Priestess LaMeel offers a monthly mantra rant recording, that will lift you spirtiually into the vibration of expansion. These monthly mantra rants are audio recordings you can listen to daily to raise your vibration.

What Other Chat Members Say


This has been so much fun!  I look forward to my champange chat every month.  Its been like having a virtual party with firends, only the advise is so much better!

Cathy Fox


Just the act of buying myself a bottle of champagne each month, has created a whole new self care rountie that I love! Even through quarantine I was able to improve my life in more ways, than i can list!

Nancy Stewart


Making these level up moves I learned in Champange Chat has allowed me to increse my income by 2k a month. I am a member for life.

Julie Jackson

A Message From:
Priestess LaMeel

I am so excited that you are here, I am even more excited about you joing Champange Chat with me.  This is a beautiful scared space for us share, grow, expand and level up together.  This is our hangout to laugh, love, and supprt each other. 

I love you, and I am so blessed to be here with you.

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