4 Extensive Training Programs with 

Priestess LaMeel

Feminine finances tRaINING 

This program starts with a spiritual foundation to your financial strategy.  Once you have a strong foundation we teach you the practical steps needed to flawlessly execute it.  This Art creates an undeniable divine flow of finances. 

7 figure spiritual femme training university

Ready to create multiple streams of income?  Already have a business that your ready to scale to 7 figure yearly? or monthly? Your 7 Figure Spiritual Femme Journey starts here.

magical vixen

The nature of a goddess is abundant, creative, sexual, powerful and beautiful.  Here you will learn the magical vixen qualities that all Goddesses Possess. We begin your journey by understand the call of the Goddess and how to answer. We explore how to create magic and be magical in your everyday life. Including casting, herbs, rituals and more. Are you ready to feel confident authentic magical empowered?

sacred pleasures

Priestess LaMeel has worked as a sex and sensuality educator. She has taught the art of sex and sensuality for over a decade.
Here at Sacred Pleasures, Priestess LaMeel will offer instructional classes on enhancing your sexuality and sexual pleasure. How to live a life of pleasure,
living as a modern courtesan series, explicit sacred sex talks, videos featuring fetish play, photo shoots, sensual enhancing workout and more





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