Manifesting Empress 

Embodying Your Manifesting Abilities

This is a 12 week journey into Embodying your Manifesting Abilities

During your journey you will discover the true desires behind all your dreams and learn to manifest those desires now!

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We are Only Accepting 10 Students per session.

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Tired Of Your Manifestations Barley to Rearly Materializing?

I totally get it.  I was there once, if my manifestations showed up, it was outside of the needed timeline, missing a few things or worst they would not show up at all.   

Over time through my journaling process I realized what worked and what didn't and after months of practice I created a process that works for houses, cars, money, relationships, happiness and more!

I call this the Scared Manifesting Process.

If You'er Ready .....

To Manifest Everything... love, money, material items and more

Collapse Time On All Your Manifestions

Manisfest From Your Heart Instead of Ego

Match The Frequency Of What You Desire At Any Time

Tap Into Your Feminine Energy To Get What You Want

Then this is the perfect Journey For you..... and Manifesting Empress Is Your Home


If You feel ....

Disconnected, stagnat, repetitive, lack, dullness, alone

 BUT, want to feel Trust, Expansion, Fufillment, Abundance, Radiance and a sence of Community.

Then Manifesting Empress Is Your Home

On this 12 week journey of embodying your manifesting abilites, you learn my sacred manifesting process, and master it while using it on our own desires and intentions. As you practice and embody your practice you will emgerge an Empress of Manifesting.  


The Sacred Manifesting Process includes 3 steps:

Step one is the identifying and sorting process

Step two is the reframing and healing process

Step three is the embodiment of new beliefs process. 


At the completion of your manifesting journey you will have been move from chaos to clarity on your desires. 

You will have Identified your manifestation vibration and learned to integrate practical and spiritual practices to accelerate your manifestations.

We will have worked together on identifying and moving through your manifestation blocks and bullshit. 

And above all else you will be able to set energetic minimums for all areas of your life and hold space for your manifestation. Emerging A Manifesting Empress.

Manifesting Empress Students

The Real Deal

Priestess LaMeel Id the real deal.  The process works and I was amazed! My business has grown beyond my first intention in less than 8 weeks. 

Lara Cros - designer

God Sent - A Blessing

Priestess LaMeel has been such a blessing to me.  My life has changed and my life, and I manifested my house in the perfect time and had so much fun!

maggie Mckinsey - blogger


Priestess Is so inspirational, she gently guided me to where I needed to be. I never thought all 3 of my desires would manifest in less than 2 months - BUT THE ALL DID!

Alice Becker - it consultant

Manifesting Empress Overview;


The Manifesting Process
  • Know the steps and the work of each step
  • Creating Reality    


The Receiving Frequency
  • Becoming an Energic Match to what you want
  • How to turn your vibration into things
  • Using The Emotional Scale


Your Work In The Process
  • What's Your Job
  • Processes to increase your focus
  • Applying the process to your personal intentions.


Activating The Quantum Frequency
  • Learn to Manifest in the field of quantum possibilities
  • Collapse time on your manifestations
  • Live in what is in your vortex


Loving The Contrast
  • Understand what contrast is
  • Understand why you should love the contrast
  • There is no accretion


  • Living from your natural magnetism
  • Having Daily Manifestations
  • The better it gets, the better the gets

Manifesting Empress Includes;

6 Live Trainings

Bi-weekly, Priestess will spend 2 hours with you offerring live training on how to manifest what you desire

14 Master Classes

Each week one master class will be released along with practical work to support you in the manifesting process

Ongoing Daily Support

To support you on the 12 week manifesting journey you will have unlimited email and course support for life. You will also receive weekly assignment

1 on 1 Sessions

Upon enrolling you will receive 1 40 minute session call with Priestess LaMeel, to get clear and set intentions for your journey over the next 12 weeks

Money Madame

Money Madame teaches you the basics of manifesting and how to allow yourself to receive $1000 in 10 days or less 

Voxer Access

For 12 weeks will you have support in real life sistuations via voxer with Priestess LaMeel.  This is like being able to text her directly


Each week you learn new riturals and activities to enhance your ability to manifest and expand. Each ritual / practical includes assignments 

Intergrative Tools

As you interact with each weeks session and the Q & A's Priestess will make additional courses, trainings, and videos available to you based on your manifesting needs.  Additionally, over 15 tools are included in the journey

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Priestess LaMeel

Hello Beautifl,

I am a Spiritual Wealth Priestess and Life Coach. I support extraordinary magical women step into their divine feminine energy and live their desires from the Goddess Frequency.  

I am a Naturopathic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Intuitive Healer, Published Author, Course Creator. Most importantly I am honored to be your guide on you Manifesting Journey.

LaMeel Empire - President & CEO

I'm so excited about you working with me on  this tranformational and unique journey.  Each session only allow 10 students at a time for our 12 weeks. After working together on your journey, you will become fully aligned with your souls abundant flow, finally healed of deep rooted patterns, and have the ability to reach new levels of prosperity.

By being here you’ve already signed a sacred contract with the Universe. 

So complete your enrollment now and watch the miracles unfold for you almost immediately.

LaMeel Empire - President & CEO

Mastering the Sacred Manfesting Process = Manifesting Empress

What Manifesting Empriess Students Have Manifested


Getting On Amazon's Bests Sellers List

Elizaeth Purvis 


$1000K In Business Credit & a 30K sq Office Space

Emma Stone


Increase in income by 50K

Sarah Abbott


Retail office space with no credit

Gloria Omar 


New house

April Avery


$1000K in additional money outside of my job



New House Paid in Cash

Bridget Brown 


New relationship / now engaged

Carley Carter


Business started doing 10K months in 30 days

Susan fenwick

Why This Works

This program not only works, its life changing. You will become magnetic to everything you desire. You will live everyday in the quantum field of possibilities, and your cash flow among other things will increase and you will start manifesting magic beyond your wildest imagine.

This program works because it provides you with real world practical daily training.  We work closely manifesting 3 of your personal desires and apply what you learn everyday to those desires.

Voxer access, live Q & A's plus 6 lives and 14 recorded trainings. allows you access to Priestess LaMeel in real time to fine turn your practice and work through your blocks on things you are actually manifesting.

The Transformitive Value of Manifesting Empress

Manifesting Empress is Valued at over $18,000

6 Live Sessions $6,000

 14 Master Classes $8,000

1-3 One on One Sessions $3,500

Money Madame Course $222

Voxer Access To Priestess LaMeel for 6 weeks $1000

Total Value $18,722

Program Investment

There is limited space available at the current Premium Rate.  

 You can text 571.888.5191 to enroll and ask for deposit information and specials.

Payment Plan

3 monthly payments


50% OFF Until Apirl 18th $222.00/3 monthly payments



/ 3 payments

  • One Initiation private session
  • 6 live Training Sessions
  • Money Madame Course
  • Voxer Access
  • 14 Master Classes
  • Life-Time Access

When Does The Journey Start?

Our Manifesting Empress Jouney begins when you are ready. The Live training sessions are scheduled, the links, dates and times will be apart of your course matrial


What Are My Payment Options?

Currently, Paid In Full is via cashapp $LaMeel2020 for $500 Payment plans, offer the first payment is via cashapp $LaMeel2020 and your second payment is 2 weeks later via auto pull that is setup during your initiation consultation.


What If I Can't Make The Lives?

If yo can't attend the live, do not worry! They are all recorded and placed into the course for you.  If you have questions that you would liked answered you can email them before the live and watch the replay for your answer.

What If I have Other Questions Before Joining?

Feel free to text our support team at 571.888.5191 with any questions you may have.


How Much Time Does The Jorney Take?

We all have busy lives.  The Manifesting Empress does Require a time Commitment of approx 1 hour a day, 7 days a week. The lives are about 2 hours, the remaining training should take you 30 - 40 minutes to complete. However, if you view your time as an investment you will overjoyed by your return in 6 weeks time.


What If I Have Not Manifested My Intention in 12 Weeks?

Your support is on going. If your desire has not fully materialized by the end of the 6 week program, let us know and we will set up ongoing support for you.


Can I Get A Refund?

Yes, Priestess LaMeel will approve a refund for thoses that meet with her via zoom and have attended all sessions and completed all assignments, but feel they have not received any value. That zoom session can be scheduled by texting 571.888.5191


How Long Do I Have The Journery For?

You will have Lifetime Access to Manifesting Empress 


Where Do I Watch The Lives?

The lives wll be held via zoom, the links for each live will be within your course module.


What If I Still Need Support After The 12 Weeks?

If you feel you want to continue support after your journey you can text support at 571.888.5191, or ask the question during your weekly Q&A sessions for all your options.  Your options will be customized for the type of support you are personally seeking


How Do I Get Access To The Courses?

You can access your course via your computer or smart phone, by logging into the site


What If I Am Struggling?

If you find you are struggling, you can receive support by messaging the voxer group, sending a direct message via the course, ask your question within the Magick Facebook group group or text 571.888.5191


What Students Say


Life changing! I have been using the processes I learned here DAILY!! i have gotten my dream job, and now in an amazing relationship for the fist time i my life.

Anna Olson


This program shifted my mind, my body and my soul.  My ideas are materializing faster than ever before, and my relationship with money is nw amazing.

Emma Stewart 


I am happier, I am manifesting, I am creating a life I love on purpose.  I am able to return to the steps and processes I learned in this program for each of my manifestations and it has not failed me yet. Priestess LaMeel is an amazing guide. 

Julie Moore

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If, for any reason, you don't receive your desired manifestations using what you have learned in this amazing program, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. To receive your refund you will need to submit proof of all your work and have participated in all of the live training sessions and have 1 brief conversation with Priestess LaMeel, at which time one of our support Goddesses will either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Manifesting Empress Students

Works like Magic

The Process that Priestess LaMeel teaches works like magic.  I know its hard to believe, but just do it! You will receive what you want.

dinia smith - trader

Life Changing

My life is new and forever changed. This program was life changing and I have lost count of the number of things that have manifested in my life since I started.

Tania hardery - chef

Forever In My Corner

As a result of learning this process and becoming strong at focusing I am manifesting things I forgot I wanted. I know understand that source is forever in my corner. 

Tami Eppolite- teacher

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