Alignment  Boss Coaching

Money Is Suppose To Be Easy

You don't have to hustle to have money, or grow a business, you don't have to strong arm yourself to success and money.

 In this alignment coaching program you will learn to take the HUSTLE out of money, and everything else in your life and instead become a vibrational match to everything you desire and watch it flow with ease to you.

You will learn to raise your vibrations through alignment while living, making discussions and taking inspired actions when aligned.

This is how you create a Life that is abundant with money, relationships, success, experiences and all your desires. 

This is where you come to make getting everything you want in life your norm.

Monthly Live Alignment Coaching

You receive one 1 hour Live Group Session with LaMeel each month 

Alignment Work

After each live and recorded alignment training, alignment work will be assigned that will support you in mastering the different alignment techniques, and will give you a point of reference for the rest of the month.   

Ongoing Email Support

In between training sessions if you get stuck in a holding pattern or have general questions, you can use the special email to get support directly from me. 

1 Video Training per Month Access To Previous Training's 

1 recorded business coaching session each month. No matter when you join you will have access to all of the previous alignment LifeStyle training's and the live Q & A's via the archives.

 Monthly  Q & A Call

During the monthly live training you can ask anything you want pertaining to the training and or the vibrational alignment techniques being taught.

Alignment Boss Group

Join the community, post your progress and make other aligned friends.

Bonus * Manifesting 10 K in 10 Days Live Training

Watch the 10 days of Manifesting 1K  Live! Take notes and watch as often as you would like to learn the process.

Voxer Group Chat Access 

As soon as you join you have access to LaMeel via voxer during the length of your coaching.

Exclusive Alignment Boss Training

When you become a member you gain access to an exclusive 4 module Alignment Coaching training. 

While Creating A New LifeStyle of Abundance

Identifying Your Money Bullshit

To get into the flow of money we must find out what is blocking the damn to your abundance.  During this week we will identify all your money bullshit and prepare it to be shifted out!

Flip the Script on Your Money Story

This week we will be changing your contrasting money beliefs and creating a new money story.  It is with this new money story you will free your energy to receive more money than you thought possible. And practice shifting out of your money bullshit each time the bullshit shows up. This is how you retrain your brain to go to a high viberational place instead of your current set point.

Create A New Relationship With Money

Learning to see money as it is, ENERGY- and even more importantly how to feel your money vibration and align with it, forever!  Your energy is the key to every single opportunity, and it determines the level of abundance in your life.   Learning to protect and elevate your energetic frequency is key to lasting high vibrations and abundance.

  Normalizing Wealth as your New Money Story

During this module we will be rewiring your subconscious mind to support you in creating a bigger vision for yourself that you will be able to sustain and grow from.  You will learn to create and hold the space needed for wealth and large money in flows of money.  Often within the early stages of change is when we are most likely to slip back into our ways.  Here you will learn to use energy and do the physical work to help normalize the feeling and flow of wealth in your life.

My first month, I really enjoyed the training and could tell things were shifting. After the second month of training,  I was able to make 1K in 3 days!  I love this program, now I'm joining here one on one New Money Hustle 

Thank you

Kathy Ovens,  Designer



This Work

I developed this program because I know the power that this work holds.

It wasn’t long ago that I was struggling and wondering if this whole entrepreneurship thing was for me.

I know what its like to question yourself, have self doubt, and rely on others for validation over my own intuition.

I would frantically pray and wonder when my next client was going to come in. How I was going to fed my children and make rent.

I’d dream of finally being able to return to shopping at Whole Food, taking yoga, having my offers sell out, and finally be financially free.


How can you serve others from a place of confusion? 

How can you earn from a place of lack?

 How can you ever expect someone, to hear you when you can’t speak for yourself?

AND How can you earn and attract abundance in an unclear state?


 Abundance needs clarity, flow, and direction. You need to be energetically strong to hold different levels of abundance. The money you earn / receive is a direct reflection of your internal state.

You can only attract where you are energetically.

I’m here to teach you how to Align with your financial flow

I AM... LaMeel

Hello My Beautiful Soul Mate Client,

After working together within this program, you will become fully aligned with your souls abundance flow, finally healed of deep rooted patterns, and have the ability to reach new levels of prosperity.

By being here you’ve already signed a sacred contract with the Universe. 

And after joining you will be amazed as your energy starts to shift and the money miracles unfold almost immediately.

Copyright 2019, LaMeel - Disclaimer

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