Goddess Circle

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Goddess Circle is a online scared temple space where Goddeses come to grow, expand and heal. The benefits are many and the services and support grow regularly.

You Are A Goddess

Goddess Circle is a divine feminine mystical temple for women who believe our spiritual journey is ment to be both fun and scared.  

This is a sacred, safe space where women to come together and reconnect with their feminine energy, heal, expand, reflect on life's challenges, and share their experiences without judgement.

We are a feminine spiritual community with similar frequencies from every color, ethnicity, orientation, and background.

Here we embody our true nature as a living breathing Goddesses.  

This is where our bodies become art, we manifest our desires from the frequency of love and joy. And we heal ourselves and those connected to us from our overflow.

Are Your Ready To Heal & Grow, Goddess?

Three Pilliers Of Goddess Circle


Live Feminine Frequency Trainings


 Monthly Divine Feminine Course 


 Monthly Goddess Circles

A Community Of Goddesses

Live Feminine Frequency Trainings

Once a month we gather for spiritual feminine trainings on topics such as,

Feminine Healing, Raw Food, Natural Living, Off Gride Living, Homeschooling, Unschooling, Feminine Finances, Manifesting, Breathwork, Yoga, Ayurveda Healing, Herbology, Human Design, Magick, Sacred Sex, Sensuality, Metaphysics, Mysticism and more.

These trainings are offered via your Goddess Temple Portal. that you can access via your laptop, desktop or smart phone.

1 Monthly Divine Feminine Course 

Each month during your first week of the month. A new pre-recorded training class is released, covering subjects pertaining to your divine feminine energy, manifesting, spirituality and more.

Monthly Goddess Circles

Each month Priestess LaMeel host 2 live virtual themed Goddess Circle that includes; Opening intention and ceremony to uplift our time together. Goddess teachings based on our theme to inspire and empower you. Simple but powerful Sacred Feminine practices for your personal use. Reflection and journaling questions to support your personal needs and goals. Live Guided Meditation to help you connect with the month's Goddess and unleash her magic into your life. Closing Prayer to bless and release our Circle. A 3-Card Goddess Oracle Reading, MP3 Download of Guided Meditation, Lifetime Access to Your Completed Circles, Sisterly Support through Our Private Group

Guest Specialists

Many times throughout the year beautiful Goddesses will be invited to shared their gits and knowledge with our community. These events are free to members and you will receive access to the replays via your Goddess Temeple Portal.


  • Training Library

  • Monthly Readings

  • Private Groups

  • Share Your Gifts

  • Meditations

  • 1:1 Session

  • Monthly Candle Service

All past trainings, special trainings and featured trainings are avilable via our Goddess Expansion Library, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

About Magick Training

As a member of the Goddess Circle you can add the optional Magick Training to your membership at more than 50% off


You are a gorgeous spiritual being. It is within the spiritual realm you learn to first align with your desires. 

Once you are completely aligned with the vision, purpose and wealth for your life, you learn to apply practical steps in the form of inspired action and magical rituals.

When you combine your Magical spiritual foundation with inspired actions practical magic, and full embodiment you are a Magical Goddess.

Are you ready to start your Magical Training

The nature of a Magical Goddess is abundant, creative, sensual, powerful, beautiful and magical. She is MAGICK, she CREATES MAGICK, she USES MAGICK to acquire all of her desires. Her everyday life is magical and she has the ability to conjure at will.--Priestess LaMeel

In Goddess Magick Training you begin your journey by understanding who the Magickal Goddess is and how to Embody that energy, those qualities and attributes and make them your own.
We explore how to BE MAGICK, CREATE MAGICK, & USE MAGICK to acquire all of your desires.
Your everyday life will become magical.
We have over 60 areas of studies.  

Are you ready to Be Confident Authentic & Magical Empowered? Add the magical training to your membership

Magical Goddess Training Includes;

1 Magical Training Added Per Month*ina any of theseareas of studies
Magical Basics
Moon Magick
 The Magical Vixen Library
Sex Magick

 Postion Creation
Protection Magick

Live Site Community
 Rituals & Casting

Exclusive Offers
Money Magick

Love / Self Love

And More

Monthly Membership Pricing



/mo Goddess Circle

  • 1 monthly live feminine trainings
  • Monthly Goddess Circles
  • Guest Trainers
  • Access to Goddess & Magick Libraries
  • Monthly Goddess Readings
  • Opportunities To Share Your Genius