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The Abundant rich bitch COURSE

Becoming an abundant rich bitch starts with your mindset. 

We start by reprogramming your consciousness for prosperity. And then guide through understanding the energy of money, how to call it to you and how to cause it to work and multiply for you. Every module is a combination of spiritual and practical play to becoming a rich abundant bitch.

Feminine finances tRaINING 

This program starts with a spiritual foundation to your financial strategy.  Once you have a strong foundation we teach you the practical steps needed to flawlessly execute it.  This Art creates an undeniable divine flow of finances. 

7 figure spiritual femme training university

Ready to create multiple streams of income?  Already have a business that your ready to scale to 7 figure yearly ? or monthly? Your 7 Figure Spiritual Femme Journey starts here.

7 Figure Spiritual femme mastermind

If your ready to make 2021 your 7 figure year, and you want to make money with me, the 7 Figure Femme Club is your new home for.  7 Figure Femme is open to all women (and men that love and support 7 figure Femmes).  Our income streams focus in the Mastermind includes Real estate Investing, Forex Trading and online rattail steams.  We train, support and build out other streams as well, however the above are our foundational streams.  Click to schedule a 15 minute mastermind session to determine if this is prefect fit. 



Spiritual Coaching & Card Readings

Goddess LifeStyle Journey 

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