Feminine Manifesting

Tap into your Feminine Energy, Collapse Time &


Manifest  the Reality You Desire

Ready to learn how to manifest anything you want, whenever you want?

Being a woman makes you a natural receiver and I'm going to show you how to use your natural gifts to manifest the reality you have always desired.

In this training I'll show you;

  • Steps To Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine Energy, So You Can Recive At A Higher Frequency
  • How To Collapse Time On Your Manifestations To Receive Your Desires Now 
  • How To Make Your Reality The Life You Desire

How To Access The Training? 

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This Training Is Aligned With You If;

* Your're not sure on how to manifest on purpose but would love to learn how

* You have tried to manifest but can't seem to manifest the thing it is that you desire most

* You feel a bit stuck on your manifesting journey and have tried "everything" you know but don't your desires or not manifesting

* You feel like your in your masuline energy more that 40% of the day

* You know about manifesting and have manifested before but would love to learn eaiser methods to manifest with more ease and flow.

Feminine Manifesting Students

2K Manifested

Since this training I manifest 2K  in a week.  I now work with Priestess regulary and that 2K month is now 2K weeks and growing.

jasmine w. 

Jems & Golden Nuggets

This training has pure jems and golden nuggets.  You need this training, all the techniques work my boyfriend even asked what I was doing different, beause of how my life has changed.  You have to attend.

joy L.

106 sales

With the informaation I learned in this training I manifested 106 product sales that week, being in Priestess LaMeel's energy is life changing. I joined a program with her and manifested 12K that same month.

Alice F.

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