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Our Personal Credit Empowerment Repair Service

Luxury products

Wealth Empowerment offers you a Luxury experience. We are a wealth creation company. So within our credit repair service, Luxury Wealth Building services will also be provides to you during phase 2 and after the completion of your Credit Restoration. 

Unique approach

We have a very unique 3 phase strategy to credit restoration. First the bases of our restoration is using a 100% Legal & Ethical Credit Loophole.  Our Phase 1 is 1-2 months, We will go over your goals, give you a realistic timeline to achieve them. Within two business days, we will go to work on your behalf.  Phase 2 is 3-4 months. we will work on a strategy to add positive credit, increase credit lines, and correct any payment history errors. Phase 3 is 2-3 months. We give you the green light to apply for that mortgage loan, car loan, or business credit. If you find that there are areas you still need to work on after speaking with loan officers, let us know we will help! 

Stunning results

To date we have had over 5K clients use our Personal Empowerment Suite to successfully increase their credit score over 130 points. Additionally We have had over 1500 clients reach a 750 or higher credit score since 8/2018! 

We have 100's of successful business credit client, Forex trading clients, Real Estate Investors, and Goal Savings Account holders 

We offer a flat rate for our Wealth Empowerment Credit Services 

our recipe for success

  • Attention to detail, always!
  • High quality, result orientated  products and services. Diversified wealth building options.
  • We strive for excellence and we want all of our clients to reach their full potential of unlimited wealth.

our wealth empowerment services

full personal credit restoration
guaranteed trade lines up to 68K
support with passive income stream creation
PRIVATE forex group trading options
international gold savings accounts
investment consulting
Business Credit training
Personal Customized Client Portal
Free 30 minute Wealth consults
Personal credit Restoration Specialist 

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10 % off

Our New Year New Credit New Life! Special 

$777.77 For Personal Wealth Empowerment Credit Restoration  

meet our Wealth empowered clients

lola Perry

I thought I would get my score to at least a 620 so I could move  4 months later - I have 723 credit score! I have a new apartment and a car I love.  I have savings and I own Gold Bars! I never would have dreamed this.

DIanna White

At 25 I found myself wanting for things that my credit could not buy. A nicer apartment and new car. I had a few things on my credit that was bring my score down below 600. I started working with Credit Empowerment to remove these negative items and find ways to achive positive credit scores. Within 45 days of working with them I got my credit whipped clean! Everything that was negatively impacting my credit is gone now and I only have positive impacting items on my report. I recommend Credit Empowerment to everyone I know looking to get better credit.

robert williams

Fitness Trainer

Hey, I just love this company.  I started with and have been here throughout the growth of the services.  I got my personal credit to a 690 with home system, I then got help and they took me to 768.  From there I got my business credit done with them and I now have over 100K in business credit! No lie all in less than a year. This is worth the money and the effort.  Do what they say...the information is Gold!


the benefits of Being with Wealth empowerment

700+ credit scores

Business credit

Support with income streams 

Investments, homes, and a wealthy lifestyle 

the Personal Credit & Wealth empowerment Restoration Package includes; 

  • Phase One
  • Phase two
  • phase three
  • VIP phase

Our Phase Three includes the following;

This is the Party phase and our favorite.

Your Party Phase Consult - is when we give you the green light to apply for that mortgage loan, car loan, or business credit.

You receive our How To Buy A Home Course

How To Travel The World Free with Good Credit Course Training Course

If you find that there are areas you still need to work on after speaking with loan officers, let us know and we will help you with that.

Once you have reached your goal, don't forget to send us an email or video!

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