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Alignment Is The New Hustle

​Learn To Align & Manifest Everything Your Heart Desires

Do You Want To Manifest Like A Boss?

I'm Kimse LaMeel, The Money Goddess.  I am a Money Manifestation Coach & Intuitive Healer

It's my mission to help those just like you, get from where they are to where they long to be as it pertains to their relationship with the energy of money, and Manifesting their true hearts desires.




Do you want more for yourself than your current life and financial situation...

Do You Dream About:

 Making More Money
 Getting More Clients In Your Business

Having More Free Time

 Living your Soul's Purpose
 Living with More Meaning

Manifesting your Soul-mate
And you really want to live the life you know you meant to have that is bigger and bolder than you have yet to be.

I Know This Because I Too Have Live It

But when I stopped trying to force success and make thing happen and bully my way to where I wanted to be, I learned;

The more I went within, and increased my INNER VIBRATION the more my OUTER WORLD started to reflect that, even in relationships

My Whole Life Changed

When I made this vibrational shift, I was able to 

> Manifest my dream home

> End a toxic relationship

> Heal a wounded relationship

> Healed my pica condition

> Overcame my anxiety

>   Live out loud in my purpose

> Paid off all my debt

> Get a 750+ Credit Score

> Started living and making decisions based on my intuitive nature and operate from a place of knowing instead of fear and worry


Now Imagine If You ......                            

  • Aligned yourself with your desires so they Effortlessly manifest fast
  • Manifested your soulmate
  • Made more money doing what you LOVE
  • check
    Created Abundance and Success in all areas of your life
  • check
    Discovered what it’s like to live with greater meaning and purpose
  • check
    Experienced life in a state of ease and flow, as you are guided by  your intuition…
  • check
    Manifested money effortlessly

You Can With Crazy Beautiful Life Coaching

This Coaching Package Is Perfect For You If;

Make More Money

Achieve greater Success

Discover your Purpose

Call-in your Soulmate

Deepen your Spiritual Connection

Up level your Life

Become the MEGA MANIFESTOR you were born to be!

1:1 New Hustle Package Includes;

Instant & Direct Access To Me Via Voxer 

6 x 1 hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions Including:

12 Sessions For Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind To Ease And Flow

8 Specialized Training's on: Intuition, Money Mindset, Spiritual Practice, Alignment, Manifestation & The Art of Allowing.

Access To My Advance 8 Proven Manifesting Tools & Techniques 

Copies of my 2  Books On Manifesting 

Access to all  8 of the my  manifesting  courses

Funwork & Real Life Assignments & Worksheets

Access to my Affirmation & Mantra Library

Kimse LaMeel

About the LaMeel

Hello, I am Kimse LaMeel the founder of, and creator of the Credit Empowerment System and Wealth Specialist.

I am  the mother of 8, a best selling author, motivational and educational speaker, radio show host, and YouTube personality.  I am an ordained healing & spiritual minster and sorceress, and Dr. of   Metaphysics.

I look forward to being your guide on your manifesting journey.

Crazy Beautiful Life is a Unique Coaching Experience that Combines:

  1. Advance Manifesting Techniques 

  2. Intuitive Guidance

  3. Reprogramming Techniques of Your Subconscious Mind to Ease & Flow

  4. Advance Alignment Techniques

This unique combination of tools is designed to move you through your inner blocks and up the emotional vibrational scale to get you into and teach  you to stay in alignment with Source/God/Universe and all your desires

The Total Value of this coaching program $10,000.00

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Today you can join this life changing program for as little as $600.00 down.

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  • Gain access to all the program benefits  
  • Balance will be paid in payments text 571.445.0578 to get payment plan approved 
  • Balance due is $1,900.00

Who Is This Program Not For?

  • Whiners, and complainers
  •  People who are looking for a coach to save them
  •  People who sit on their ass
  • People who don't want to their own fucking work
  • People who want to fight for their limitations

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If during our work together I find that we are not a good energetic match, a portion of your payment will be refunded.  You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee that you will be trained enough to manifest at lest $2000.00 during our work together. 

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