Welcome to LaMeel's Book Club

"Co-Creating, Cocktails & Cupcakes" 

This Book club offers both virtual and live membership. The club is designed to bring people together energetically to master Alignment techniques with the support of each other. While manifesting their dream life.


Book Club is all about learning to align using the proven techniques in "Alignment is the New Hustle" by Kimse LaMeel.  Each month LaMeel will provide a full training from "Alignment is the New Hustle" and other manifesting books.  In addition to the training its self, LaMeel will also take questions on alignment topics, and the members are encouraged to share ideas, experiences and more.  This is an environment of learning, sharing and co-creating.  Spending time in the energy of alignment with LaMeel is life changing,   


The LaMeel Power Cocktail!

If you're anything like LaMeel, you like to curl up with a good book and a good drink.

Each book club meeting starts with a delicious power cocktail recipe, with non-alcohol options.  Kick back, sip, relax and align.


Can't have cocktails without cupcakes! Alignment is all about feeling good, and cupcakes make LaMeel very very happy. To share her joy every book club will feature a beautiful and over the top cupcake.  A recipe will be provided to virtual members, and everyone will have the option to order the feature cupcake at a discount! 

Our Co-Creating Topics

Each month the topics for the Co-creating,cocktails and cupcakes book club changes.  Although there is always a topic in mind, the atmosphere is light and easy and will flow with ease towards the needs of the members. 

Monthly topics includes;

What to do when you can't seem to manifest anything

How to use your emotions as a guidance system for manifesting

How to manifest money consistently

How to feel good all the time

Mastering your job in the manifesting process

and more.....



Alignment Is The New Hustle

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  • Download of Alignment if the New Hustle
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What Our Members Are Saying

Being apart of this book club has been amazing, and it has been so helpful. For the last few months I have had so much fun, making drinks with LaMeel and talking about manifesting the energy is SO MUCH FUN! I'm part of the test group and can not wait for it go live.  I have already manifested more that 1500.00 in extra income since we started.

Alice Tinkerton

I was so said and lost when I started but thought what could it hurt.

I have been in the book club for 2 months now and my medication has been reduced, I have manifested a new job, and I feel like I can manifest anything, i'm still learning but I am hopeful, and will be here all year.

Cameron Alastair

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